Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meet Our New Family Member!

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to spend time with family. As the title hints, we welcomed a new family member on December 20th. Meet Lindsay, our 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog we adopted from BARC, Inc. This organization--which stands for Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition--rescues our beloved breed from puppy mills and auction blocks. Without their intervention, these dogs would live a cruel and isolated existence as breeding machines, often in filthy conditions with meager rations. The sad thing is that the puppies from these dogs are sold in pet stores and many people still do not know the horror behind the industry.
Become proactive in your area by not doing business at pet stores that sell purebred dogs or cats. That is best left to the breeders who do research and have spent many years working to nurture the healthiest dogs available for us to love. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to bring home a puppy expecting it to live a long, healthy happy life and end up with a sick debilitated animal and a mountain of vet bills.
Best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year to all!