Friday, January 23, 2009

Attention:Holiday Collars for Valentine's Day

I'm not very disciplined about using this blog regularly. Most of the time I forget how to sign in, or my password, you know, all the "technical" stuff.
So what brought me here today? Well a major glitch involving my supreme web master, Angela. Her computer died again and has been sent to the cyber hospital. :-(

For those holiday collar seekers, all the Valentine choices are in the regular options: Sparkly Hearts and Lollihearts are fabric, Red Hearts can be found in "Trims"

Hopefully St. Patrick's Day collars will be able to be added to Holidays. But I will post those here as well.

Shamrocks on Black and Shimmery Shamrocks are the Irish choices in fabrics. All the Celtic Knot trims are available year round as well. If the shimmery shamrocks is not in the regular fabrics (I honestly don't know if it is) send me an email. I can get it for you. The shamrocks on black is being replaced by a similar fabric, which I will post when possible.
I am always open to suggestions, so please let me know if you want something unique or special for your best friend!


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